Scentsy’s Commission

Like all sales positions, Scentsy pays commission based on sales performance. Their payment structure is incentivized so that those with more responsibilities and managerial duties are paid bonuses for providing support and leadership to their teams.

New consultants are paid a base rate of 20% of all their sales with no minimum sales requirements. Once those consultants have sold $1000 in lifetime retail volume, they get a promotion to “Certified Consultant” with a 5% raise on all sales for the rest of their Scentsy career.

If you sold:       You’d make:

$250                 $62.50
$500                 $125
$750                 $187.50
$1000               $250
$1250               $312.50
$1500               $375
$1750               $437.50
$2000               $600

Any consultant who sells over $2000 in any one month gets a 5% bonus THAT MONTH ONLY, meaning they would make 30% of their sales in commission.

Promotions and Bonuses

Scentsy pays its consultants and sales force more based on the level of responsibility they have in maintaining their individual sales teams. Just like a Manager at Target gets paid more to oversee the employees at Target, Scentsy pays its Lead consultants and Directors a bonus to recognize them for the added responsibilities of managing and motivating their sales teams.

Just like if I were a manager of another business, I would be looking to recruit talented and motivated people, so too am I looking to recruit motivated and talented people to build my sales team. Together, we achieve more! Your commission increases as you have more people on your team, earning a percentage of their team wholesale volume (wholesale volume is typically 75% of the retail price).

Scenario 1:
Consultant Jennifer is a Certified Consultant (meaning she has at least $1000 in lifetime sales) and sells $2000 in December. She is just an individual with no additional sales people on her team. When she is paid (January 10th), she will make $600.

Scenario 2:
Consultant Amy is a Lead Consultant (meaning she has at least $1000 in lifetime sales and at least 1 person on her team; she must also sell $500 each month to be paid as a Lead Consultant). She sells $250 in July. Her team sells $1000. She would make $62.50 when she got paid in August. She would not get paid as a Lead Consultant because she did not sell the minimum $500, therefore not meeting her obligations at that title.

Amy sells $750 in September, however. Her team wholesale is again $1000. When she gets paid in October, she would make $187.50 off her sales plus an additional 2% off wholesale (which we’ll estimate at around $562.50), adding an additional $11.25 to her paycheck just from her sales alone. She would also make 2% off her frontline’s wholesale volume of $1000, adding an additional $20. In total, her commission would be about $218.75.

Those are just two simple scenarios to explain Scentsy Compensation. The bigger your sales team, the greater your team sales volume (more people = more sales). The more your team sells, the more commission you’ll make.

I am happy to answer any specific questions you have about Scentsy’s commission and compensation plan. In addition to the base commission, Scentsy provides rewards and incentives throughout the year.


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