Scentsy’s compensation plan is very generous and is structured around your business goals for when you Join Scentsy. When you first start as a new Scentsy Consultant, you will earn 20% of everything you sell. As soon as you sell $1000 in product (in total, from the time you signed up), you immediately get a 5% raise and a promotion to Certified Consultant. Your base pay will be 25% of your sales from that point forward. Any month where you sell more than $2,000 in product (during that month only), you will get another 5% bonus for that month!

Scentsy’s commission is also structured based on sales performance of a team. If you choose to build a sales team of your own, you have the opportunity to earn a bonus from your team’s sales. This is in part due to the added responsibility of managing a team.

Scentsy provides its consultants with a wealth of resources to encourage success, including training videos and weekly training calls.

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Scentsy Corporate also provide more intensive trainings for those who aspire to leadership positions on their sales teams, including Leadership Retreats in resort destinations.

To learn more about Scentsy’s compensation, or to start your own Home Candle Business and Join Scentsy, contact me or click the link below!

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