On July 1 2004, Orville Thompson and his wife Heidi would launch a then-tiny wickless candle company called Scentsy. Little did they know how much their hard work would pay off.

Orville was fascinated with candle warmers as soon as he discovered them at a home trade show. Selling video game controllers across from two stay-at-home mothers at the show and hardly being able to afford the booth he was using, he would spark a conversation that would change his life forever.

The two women were selling decorative candles that used a bulb to melt wax to release heavenly aromas instead of the traditional candle method. Orville traded a video game controller to the women in exchange for a candle warmer, several wickless candle bars, and a set of scent testers.

Orville brought the candles and accessories home to Heidi. She was just as fond of the products as Orville was. They made a decision to swing for the fences and bought the Scentsy company from the two women at the trade show and relocated the business to Meridian, Idaho.

The business started small, really small. Orville and his wife used an old 40-foot ocean shipping container to store their first loads of inventory. Although money was tight, the new business owners were motivated to succeed. Heidi’s parents, Alice and Fred, volunteered seven days a week for two years to help their daughter reach her goals.

Just as Orville and Heidi were intrigued by wickless candles, so were their customers. By October of 2004, Scentsy moved out of the old ocean shipping container and into an 1,800 square foot office facility. At the rate the company was growing, they knew the new office wouldn’t be able to hold them long, but it’s what they could afford at the time. In June of 2006, the company upgraded again, this time moving operations into a 5,000 square foot location. Then, just over a year later and still experiencing rapid growth, 42,000 square feet. They also established a distribution center in Chicago in July of 2007 to reach the expanding east coast market.

New distribution centers were set up around the country and the Scentsy brand had traveled across the U.S. border. Expanding to international markets proved to be valuable. In addition to Canada, Scentsy expanded to European countries including the UK, Germany, and Ireland.

Scentsy outgrew a few other headquarters locations before building one of their own. Today, Scentsy calls a 50-acre campus “home.” On this campus is a 157,000 square foot office tower, 159,000 square foot distribution center, and a 105,000 square foot warehouse. Not bad for a company that started out of their own home and shipping container.

It started with passion and a vision. When times got tough, their will to succeed and willingness to take risks ultimately made Orville and Heidi triumphant. As their company continues to expand, so does the story of Orville and Heidi Thompson.