Home Candle Business Training

The Home Candle Business team is dedicated to providing on-going training to maximize the success of the Scentsy consultants on our team. Training includes:

Scentsy Ascent Academy

I believe that the greatest motivator is early success in your Scentsy business, which is why the Ascent program is so important. You will get an email helping you learn each aspect of your Scentsy business. If you follow the tips and techniques, it will ensure you get an early start on sales and team building.  Emails include action points of what you need to focus on, as well as visuals of how to do important things like set up your website and input orders!

Goal Setting Workshop

I believe that writing down our goals makes them more attainable. I hold twice a year goal setting workshops for everyone on my Scentsy team. We share our goals and do regular check-ins to ensure everyone has the support they need to meet the goals they set. We always start with our “WHY” so we can create our HOW.

Business Plan Template

I run Home Candle Business like a business. That means I have a business plan with yearly sales goals and a marketing plan. As a part of my team, I will provide a business plan template to those who want it. I also provide feedback and support for those who need help creating a plan that works for them.

Monthly Newsletters

Each month, I send out a newsletter to team members as well as my Scentsy customers. In my team newsletter, I highlight my team members and their accomplishments. I don’t just recognize big sales or team growth either. I believe in recognizing all goals and achievements. Building up my Scentsy team creates a strong foundation for all of us.

Individual Support Calls

I provide my phone number to my team for individual support calls (though I ask they be during normal waking hours unless you have an immediate crisis!). These calls range from questions about product to questions about customers as well as general life support and inspirational conversations.

Group Facebook Page

Our team has a Facebook page where all members of the team can post questions, inspiration, and calls for support. This is another way for us to bond as a team and work together to maximize all of our successes! Also, have you noticed I love Facebook!

Weekly Corporate Training Calls

Scentsy corporate provides weekly training calls. A Director gives a targeted presentation on the monthly topic, providing inspiration and support for other consultants. They also give sales information and provide an opportunity for questions for consultants.

Training Videos

Scentsy provides training videos as a part of its Training Center and Consultant support. These videos are on a wide variety of topics, including how to host a successful party, how to talk about the Scentsy opportunity, and inspirational videos about how Scentsy has changed lives.

Scentsy Consultant Support

Scentsy also provides daily support through its Consultant Support hotline. The support staff can help with questions about policies, changes to orders, questions about incentives, and pretty much anything that has to do with your career with Scentsy. They are a great group of people who are dedicated to helping everyone succeed!

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